Wayne Waananen

Colorado Craft Show Brewcast: Saturday August 9th 2014 at Station 26 Brewing Company




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Chris Black from Falling Rock Taphouse co hosted with Turk from Station 26 Brewing Company at 38th and Pontiac in east Denver. We had a really great crowd out who got to taste some of the best new brews crafted locally! Justin Baccary and Devin Chapnick sat in for the first hour and told us the story behind the brewery, their beers and their beautiful brewhouse. Going down the line there is not a single bad beer being poured here. Really enjoyed the Tangerine Cream Ale they had on.In hour two Wayne Waananen and jumped in with us as well as Devin. Wayne has a very long brewing history and it shines through with his knowledge and brewing. We also talked about their firkin Thursday program and Bluegrass Brunch Sundays. Trust Chris Black and myself when we say you need to get in here! We also talked about Falling Rock Taphouse which has their anniversary coming up and they are already getting prepped for GABF! More Brew News you Can Use and a check in with Tebo as well. Thanks to Mike Nelson, Beth Walter,Randall, Sandy, Sean, Jaye and the amazing crew at station 26 for hosting us!



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