Upslope Brewing Company

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday July 26th 2014 Arvada Beer Company


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Back to our home-away-from home Arvada Beer Company! Cary and Kelly Floyd co hosted with Turk. This was a jam packed show as usual with several guests. We talked about some new beers Arvada had flowing including a Wine Barrel Aged Schwarzweiss and Dark Lager. They also are kicking off a Tuesday Chili Beer release on every Tuesday starting August 5th. They will be taking one of their normal brews and adding a certain kind of pepper. These will vary each week and they will also have available the regular beer so you can do a side by side. Breckenridge Brewery’s Todd Thibault jumped on to talk about the Breckenridge Summer Beer Fest and the next rounds of beers coming out. Think Autumn Ale already! We then were joined by Joanne Knipmeyer who is helping organize the 1st Annual Craft Distiller’s festival at the Boulder County Fair on Saturday August 9th. They’ll have over 10 different distilleries on hand for the first county fair in the nation with an all distillers event. You can save 35 bucks now by going to HERE to get tickets for two. They are normally 40 dollars per entry. Or go to Boulder County Fair’s Website for more info. In hour two we led off with Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident and the Kyle Hollingsworth Band to talk about his Kyle’s Brew Fest also taking place August 9th at Boulder Liquor Mart in Boulder. He has some really cool breweries lined up and will be playing a special set with some very special guests. Tickets and info can be found HERE. Turk will be here pouring some Epic Brewing Escape to Colorado Firkins that Kyle infused with Citra and Chinook Whole Leaf Hops as well as some Blue Spruce tips. Gonna be a fun event as always. Next up was David Lin with Comrade Brewing Company. We sampled his beers (which were great) and talked about their story. Their head brewer marks Lanham has ties to the Alpha Kings Melvin/Thai Me Up Brewing. Another great day at our second home Arvada Beer.



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Colorado Craft Show Brewcast: Saturday July 19th Hops & Pie Firestone Walker 3 Years of Beer in CO Celebration


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The Watson’s invited us out for another broadcast at (seriously one of the best tap rooms in the world) Hops & Pie! It was a celebration of 3 Years of Firestone Walker Beers in Colorado and as you can see from the list of beers above, it was quite the event. David Walker had pneumonia and could not make it but that’s alright! We had Elizabeth Isenbart in to help co host along with Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. she covers Colorado and Utah for Firestone. I’m sure you have had some of their beers but of not, we HIGHLY suggest it! We got their story and talked about all these beers! Luke Franklin also stopped in from Upslope Brewing. In hour two, owner, operator, head chef and beer buyer Drew Watson sat in the whole hour as we talked about his amazing place. Elizabeth also presented him with quite the gift. We always enjoy our time at Hops & Pie and can;t thank them enough for the support through the years!



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The Beers!

7-19 4

Tebo and the newlywed Elizabeth Isenbart

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Turk, Elizabeth and Tebo

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Turk, Elizabeth, Tebo and Drew

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday July 12th 2014 Breckenridge Brewery 24th Anniversary Hootenanny


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Nicol Winkler (AKA The Thirsty German and Turk were front and center to celebrate 24 years of Breckenridge Brewery! They closed off Kalamath between 4th and 5th in what will be the last anniversary bash at their current location. This was an amazing event with a pig roast, 6 bands, great people and of course, tasty suds. Every band rocked the stages hard and got us all dancing! It was our first time seeing the Magic Beans who were unbelievable. They did a bluegrass rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Tuesday’s Gone!!! During the show we had many a guests including Todd Thibault, Todd Usry and Matt Eldridge from Breck. They gave us the lowdown on 24 years and the plans moving forward into their new brewery on South Santa Fe. We also talked to Brian Bjork from Odell Brewing and Julia Wellington from Copper Kettle about their fundraising event A Night to Remember. Dan Rabin came on to talk about his new book Colorado Breweries.  We even let Gary V on the show with his partner in crime Katie Nierling who also reps for Fort Collins Brewery. This was such a fun day that will never be repicated. Thanks to the breck crew (especially Sarah, Tebo, Usry and Matt), and all the supporters of this trend setting brewery for making this happen.



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Kalamath Street Shut Down

7-12 3

He sure was tasty

7-12 5

Turk, Nicol and Dan Rabin

7-12 6

The Magic Beans

7-12 7

Turk finally got a hold of a vintage Strawberry Wheat Bottle

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday July 5th 2014 at The Brew on Broadway

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Paul Webster and the gang at The Brew on Broadway, or affectionately known as the BoB had us on out smack dab in the middle of their three-day one year anniversary bash. Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery was the co host! There were some special beers on tap and he just got his beer engine flowing. This place is great as it serves as a coffee shop and brewery. Heck you can even get a beer at 7:30 am on the weekends here. The brews are great, the atmosphere is top notch and just what downtown Englewood needed.  In hour one we chatted with Paul the whole time getting his story and some of his crazy ideas on making beer. I’m talking about good kind of crazy like taking an IPA and rocking it back and forth at room temp for 6 and a half months to replicate the old school IPA’s that made their journey from England to India. We also talked with Luke Franklin from Upslope about a special beer release in 19.2 oz. cans coming up. Think Brown Ale aged in Leopold barrels! Jeffrey Green from The Very Nice Brewing Company came on to talk about what’s up in Nederland! Kieran Nelson also jumped on from Glendale’s Bruises & Brewfest going on on August 16th at Infinity Park. It involves Beer and Rugby! Sweet! Again big thanks to the Websters and crew at the BoB for making us part of their anniversary celebration.



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Saturday June 28th Arvada Beer Company


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Going to Arvada Beer Company is a real treat! It’s like going back to the grandparent’s house when you were a kid. They take care of us like we are their kids! Much love to Kelly and Cary for always asking us back! The Floyd’s sat in all show as we caught up on what is going on at ABC! We also had on Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault from the Colorado Brewers Festival. It just happened to be his BDay too. We are getting you ready for their 24th Anniversary Hootenanny on July 12th. Will Carlson also jumped on from Beerporium as he set up shop with his goods. In Hour Two Justin Baccary from Station 26 Brewing jumped on to talk about what he, Wayne Waananen and the crew are up too! We tried a couple of their beers and they are amazing. Get on out to 38th and Pontiac!



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abc.logo_final (1)

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Colorado Craft Beer Show Saturday June 21st 2014 Lone Tree Brewing Company



We broadcasted live from the patio at Lone Tree Brewing Company. Laura Vande Zande from Renegade Brewing Company! Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery also sat in for most of the show! We talked to John Winter, Amber Davis-Sato and Bridgette Geiger from Lone Tree about the new summer beers on tap and ones to be released. We talked about the growing pains of a brewery once you distribute yourself and add cans to the mix. We hit events they are involved with coming up and a whole lot more. We also had on Sean Dugan from Elevation Beer Company to talk about what’s new coming out of their Poncha Springs brewery. We did Mobile Canning’s Brew News You Can Use and threw out what is going on up and down the front range in beer!



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Boulder Beer 35th Anniversary Saturday June 14th 2014


6-14 6

Chicken Dan Weitz and Turk hosted from Boulder Beer’s 35th Anniversary at the Brewpub in Boulder! Chicken Dan has been doing manning marketing duties for Boulder Beer for over 12 years. What a treat this was as we got the history of the FIRST microbrewery in Colorado. There’s been a ton of change over the years and we got the skinny. Randolph “Stick” Ware also jumped on for the full second hour. You need to listen to his tale of the “Laughing Beer”. He was one of the original founders back in 1979 along with David Hummer. Big thanks to Chicken Dan, Tess McFadden, David Zuckerman, Jeff Brown, Jessica Graefenhain and the crew for haing us out for this amazing party! There were some amazing beers flowing in the beer garden out back.

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The Boulder Beer Beer Garden

6-14 3

The Whiz with our broadcast tent

6-14 4

Chicken Dan and Turk

6-14 5

“Stick” Ware, Chicken Dan, and Turk

6-14 7

The 35th Anniverary Ale


Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Highlands Ranch Beer Festival June 7th 2014


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2nd year in a row we broadcasted from the Highlands Ranch Beer Festival. This time around we had between 50 and 60 breweries and about 250 more people. This has sold out the last two years as well as the craft beer revolution is strong in the south metro! The Thirsty German, Nicol Winkler was the special co host for this one! We led off with Jamie Noebel who is the Community Relations Manager for the HRCA. We talked about the fest and about the beneficiary of the funds raised which is the Highlands Ranch Community Scholarship Fund. Next up was Peggy Lyle who is the Event and Entertainment Director for the Downtown Fort Collins Business Administration. They put on the Colorado Brewers Festival in downtown Ft. Collins which this year turns 25 years old. A ton of new added features and events to the fest and they are giving away free beer for a year to a lucky person that registers online for some festival bucks. This is a 3 day event that runs June 27th through June 29th. We then chatted with Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery as he was down in Pagosa Springs for the Blues and Bluegrass Fest. They have some cool events coming up including their 24th anniversary Hottenanny on July 12th.



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In hour two we led off with Jerod Hutchison and Jason Wiley from the Colorado Keg House which is set to open at the end of the month in Broomfield by the First Bank Center.  They will have 75 all Colorado taps and all beers will be just 5 bucks. These guys are going to rock in on the 36 corridor! Next up was Alex Ogrinz who is the event specialist for Upslope Brewing Company. We talked about their new beers, the Get Down and much more. And finally, we nailed down Jodie Whealy form Ska Brewing. This is about as rare as a Yeti sighting. Was an honor to get her on and talk about all things Ska. Their 19th anniversary is coming up in September and should be a blast as always! We closed the show with Brew News You Can Use as there is never a dull moment in the state in great beer! Big thanks to Amanda Arnce for the invite and for putting on such a great festival as well as the amazing staff that made this one seamless! We are grateful to broadcast here each year!



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday May 31st 2014 Arvada Beer Co


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Back to our home away from home Arvada Beer Company! Cary and Kelly Floyd hosted with me and they have been busy brewing some summer beers! They had a new Saison, Doppelbock and Kolsh on tap as well as the Pomegranate Wheat. They are also getting ready for first Saturdays in Olde Town Arvada and the summer beer festival season. We talked about ABC, new liquor enforcement division rulings and of course threw out a fat Brew News You Can Use segment. we also were joined by Tommy Bibliowicz from 4 Noses Brewing Company. He gave us their story and we tried some of their beers. They are located just west of Wadsworth and 116th Ave in Broomfield! Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault jumped on from Burning Can Fest in Lyons! We also welcomed in a new sponsor for the next few weeks with The Downtown Fort Collins Business Administration who throws the Colorado Brewers Festival which this June 28th and 29th they turn 25 years old!



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Mountain Toad Brewing 1 Year Anniversary May 24th 2014


5-24 1

The Mountain Toad Brewing Gang was kind enough to invite Turk and Nicol Winkler out to do the show for their one year anniversary! What a great brewery, with great beers, an awesome beer garden and clientele! We talked to the Mountain Toad crew which included Kaylee and Josh Robbins, Brian Vialpando and Thad Briggs! They were releasing some special beers throughout the day and bringing back some old faves. Other guests included Brett Wagner who has been visiting the Toad since day one, Zack Cristofferson from Chain Reaction Brewing who has an opening date on June 21st, and Todd Thibault from Breck who talked about their annual Hootenanny!



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