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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: The Very Nice Brewing Company for Frozen Dead Guy Days Saturday March 8th 2014

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Oh man! We got to cross off a destination for a bucket list to do the show! We went live in Nederland for Frozen Dead Guy Days at THE Very Nice Brewing Company! Big thanks to Jeff and Susan Green from VNBC as well as Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery for co hosting! Jeff sat in the entire show telling us about his brewery, Frozen Dead Guys Days and the beautiful town of Nederland. You got to get in and try their 5 mainstays and 4 seasonals they call premier beers! Impressed by all of them! We squeezed in as many guests as possible! Here they are: Zach Nichols from Sanitas Brewing Company, Corey Marshall from Tivoli Brewing Company and Distribution. Nederland Mayor Joe Gierlach, Big Choice Brewing‘s Nathaniel Miller, Very Nice assistant brewer Mike Meduski and the Brewer’s Association‘s Tommy Cunningham.  We had an amazing time, with a feverish crowd on a beautiful day at one of the premier festivals in the nation! It was VERY NICE indeed!



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