Moose Koons

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast Saturday February 22nd 2014


2-22 1 with Moose and Ryan Workman from Breck

Daniel Ekker from Argonaut Wine & Liquor and Nicol Winkler (AKA The Thirsty German) hosted while Turk was away working his butt off at a three day Bluegrass and Beer Fest in Avon. We know! Poor Turk. Big thanks to Daniel and Nicol for holding the Fort down! Our guests included Leshner Del Rosario from The Orange Crunch Food Truck to talk about the Breweries and Foodies event, Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault and Ryan Workman and Moose Koons from Peach Street Distillers. Moose talked about Peach Street and and the big DSTILL¬†event in Denver March 10-16! Tebo and Ryan talked about their new brews and all things Breck! Give Nicol and Daniel a hand for doing a great job!



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 3-17-12

The Gubna was out for business in Bama. Andy Ehrnmann from Ska Brewing co hosted with Turk. Special guests today were Gardiner Hammond from Alpine Dog Brewing Company and Moose Koons from Peach Street Distillery in Palisade. We talked about Gardiner’s brewery plan which involves some help from the public via Kickstarter. Alpine Dog will be specializing in hoppy beers and Belgians! Moose filled us in on the happenings at Peach Street as they have 18 different spirits! We also talked to Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery and announced a Beer vs Wine lunch at Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar we are involved with.Tickets will go on sale next Saturday March 24th.Master Sommalier Doug Krenick joined us to talk about the event as well.