Miorge Mihoublon

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday April 12th 2014 Odd 13 Brewing Company


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Nicol Winkler (AKA The Thirsty German) and Turk broadcasted live from Odd 13 Brewing Company at 301 E. Simpson St. in Old Town Lafayette! Ryan Scott was our host the whole show as we went through his and Kristen’s beers. We also need to thank assistant brewer Brandon Bolt who couldn’t make it for the show! They have a really cool story, clean new brewhouse, amazing beer garden and of course some very cool beers. They have a barrel aging project and are doing some bretted beers!  You got to love their themed beers to that coincide with some real life super heroes the Scott’s know! Welcome in The Odd Squad, The Legion of Odd and the Sidekicks. In Hour one we also chatted with Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery. Sounded like he had his fill of CBC!

By the way, we did give a nice wrap to the Craft Brewers Conference and announced all the CO World Beer Cup winners. Find that list HERE! We also chatted with Chris Gillard from one of the top beer shops in the world! He owns Miorge Mihoublon in Arlon, Belgium. We chatted about his shop, what he was doing in Colorado and about how Belgian brewers are now mimicking what American brewers do and how it used to be the other way around! A fascinating man here with an awesome story! We also caught up with Brandon Proff from Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew. Again, BIG thanks to Ryan and Kristin Scott for hosting us!



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