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Colorado Craft Show Brewcast: Saturday July 19th Hops & Pie Firestone Walker 3 Years of Beer in CO Celebration


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The Watson’s invited us out for another broadcast at (seriously one of the best tap rooms in the world) Hops & Pie! It was a celebration of 3 Years of Firestone Walker Beers in Colorado and as you can see from the list of beers above, it was quite the event. David Walker had pneumonia and could not make it but that’s alright! We had Elizabeth Isenbart in to help co host along with Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. she covers Colorado and Utah for Firestone. I’m sure you have had some of their beers but of not, we HIGHLY suggest it! We got their story and talked about all these beers! Luke Franklin also stopped in from Upslope Brewing. In hour two, owner, operator, head chef and beer buyer Drew Watson sat in the whole hour as we talked about his amazing place. Elizabeth also presented him with quite the gift. We always enjoy our time at Hops & Pie and can;t thank them enough for the support through the years!



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The Beers!

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Tebo and the newlywed Elizabeth Isenbart

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Turk, Elizabeth and Tebo

7-19 6

Turk, Elizabeth, Tebo and Drew

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 12-15-2012 Hops & Pie Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest

We broadcasted from Hops & Pie for their Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest! Some very fine beers, as always, on tap!

In Hour One we kicked things off with some Brew News You Can Use! We then talked to our man Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery! We closed out the hour talking with Hops & Pie’s Drew Watson! We talked to Drew about their upcoming brewing plans and about the barrels he bought and dropped off at 5 different breweries.



In Hour Two we led off with Steve Hastings from Dry Dock Brewing Company and Gary Valliere from Prost Brewing. We talked about Dry Dock’s seasonals and their new production facility as well as about Prost’s very fine German brews. We then talked to Luke Franklin from Upslope Brewing and Derek Strubel from Odell Brewing. Both Upslope and Odell have expansion plans and discussed the new Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout from Odell. We closed out the show talking more with Drew Watson and Illegal Pete’s Virgil Dickerson.



Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast Upslope 4th Anniversary Bash 11-3-2012

The Gubna and Turk live at Upslope Brewing Company‘s big 4 year anniversary party in North Boulder! Big thanks to Matt Cutter, Dany Pages, Henry Wood, Chad Pieper, Luke Franklin, Alex Violette and the whole crew at Upslope for letting us be a part of their party!

In Hour 1

We set the scene from Upslope with over 20 beers on tap, food trucks and live music for their 4th anniversary bash. We spent the hour with Co Founder and owner Matt Cutter as well as their Sales Manager Henry Wood. We talked about how far they’ve come in four years, the brotherhood of Colorado brewers, their beers, the new production facility and much more.



In Hour 2

We led off bringing in Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery who sat in all hour! We were joined by Upslope’s Tap Room Manager Chad Pieper who talked about the days festivities, the expansion and hiring new folks. We also talked to Upslope’s social media expert and Denver Sales Rep Luke Franklin. Thibault gave us some Breckenridge Brewery news as well with Firkin First Friday’s at Colorado Craft on Blake, the new Christmas Ale mini-kegs and some more items! Again, we can’t thank the Upslope crew for having us out for this very fun anniversary party!



Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 9-1-12 Freshcraft Anny + Ska Brewing

A really fun show here with The Gubna live at Freshcraft‘s 2nd Anniversary Bash and Turk live from Durango at Ska Brewing Company.

Lots of guests and beer banter here. Jason and Lucas Forgy filled us in on two years of serving fine craft beer and wonderful food from 1530 Blake St. in Downtown Denver.

Ska Head Brewer Thomas Larsen and Sales Manager Arlo Grammatica also joined in talking about their upcoming 17 year anniversary bash, new beers coming out from Ska and much more.

Also joining in on the fun was Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault live from Pagosa Springs, and Sam Scruby and Luke Franklin from Upslope Brewing who provided a peach firkin at Freshcraft and have some killer new beers out including their GABF gold medal winning Pumpkin Ale.

Hour 1



Hour 2