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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday April 19th 2014 Lone Tree Brewing Company


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Nicol Winkler (AKA Thirsty German) and Turk hosted from our good friends and sponsors Lone Tree Brewing Company! It was the show’s 3rd Anniversary. We had a great crowd and really enjoyed talking about Lone Tree’s expansion, new canning line and new beers! You can now get their Helles and Peach pale in 6 pack cans! They are also adding two more 30 barrel fermenters for your drinking pleasure! We chatted with John Winter and Jason Wiedemaier in hour one about what they have been up to! Sales Guru Greg Kimmick and Tap Room Manager Amber Davis-Sato also jumped in with us! We also grabbed Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery who was spending the weekend with his pals Leftover Salmon.



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In the second hour we led off with Kalani Neeland and Columbine Label Company‘s Bernadette Ortiz. Kalani’s artwork was chosen as the winner for our Third Anniversary Beer Label Contest. We brewed a single hopped Amarillo IPA at Strange Craft Beer Company and only bottled 99 of these! Bernadette and the gang at Columbine Label did the labels for us and awarded Kalani a 500 dollar gift certificate! We had some awesome entries and it was hard to choose just one! Here is her story on the label she created:

Many people, when hearing the name “99 Bottles”, will automatically finish the rest of the verse in their head. “Take one down, pass it around!” The name emphasizes good times with friends, sharing, camaraderie, and, of course, a nearly never-ending supply of beer. I wanted to capture this moment of joy, glimpsing a rowdy and good-natured toast between a bunch of friends (or even strangers!) in the beer cellar, with plenty of fun left to go. They are all drinking the very beer that you are. Around this scene is a bountiful hop vine, highlighting the strongest flavor in the beer. The bountiful, exuberant theme is extra pertinent for an IPA, whose popularity in America in recent years has skyrocketed as beer lovers everywhere savor the strong, crisp, hoppiness in what has become a go-to staple among friends in craft breweries across the country.  The work is a freehand ink drawing, colored digitally.  Incidentally, there are exactly 98 bottles in the picture. Can you find the 99th? It’s in your hand!
Can’t thank Kalani, Strange, and Columbine Label enough! Also in hour three we did Brew News You Can Use and talked to brewers Jason Wiedemaier and Josh West as well as closed things out with John Winter! Great times were had this Saturday so we hope to see you there again when we return June 21st!
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