Jesse Englund-Rohlf

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 6-16-2012

A packed show this week! We had several in studio guests including Carol White from the Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado, Jesse Englunds-Rohlf from The West End Tavern, Bess Dougherty who was just hired as The Wynkoop‘s first female brewer, Nicol Winker from the Crafty Ladies, and Dry Dock Brewing Company‘s head brewer Doug Hyndman.

Carol talked about the 6th Edition of the Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado with over 250 dollars worth of savings and free beer. Jesse filled us in on the menu (both food and beer) at The West End Tavern. He brought in some ribs and also talked about their IPA tap takeover for JulIPA. All month, nothing but IPA’s on tap at the West End. Bess Dougherty hit on being the first female brewer at The Wynkoop. She has the battle wounds to prove it too! Nicol talked about the ever popular Craft Ladies beer club. Over 400 women strong and still growing. Doug talked about Dry Dock’s new facility plans at Tower and i70. He also talked about their award winning brews.

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