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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines

Very honored to be able to broadcast from the 13th Annual Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival again this year from the beautiful Cascade Resort and Spa in Vail! Want to give a huge thanks to Laura Lodge, Bill Lodge, Kirsten Texler, IT guru Chad and our awesome engineer Erik Hood for making this happen for us! And also a big thanks to the Antlers at Vail for putting us up! One of our favorite festivals of the year, Big Beers knows how to do it right with a weekend full of seminars, beer dinners, workshops, discussions, a homebrew competition and also some of the greatest and rarest beers you will find all year! Another highlight of this fest is that all the biggest names in beer come out! We tried to fit in as many as we could in two hours!

In Hour One we talked to Boulevard Brewing‘s Steven Pauwels, Barrel Herder at Avery Andy Parker and Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head.



In Hour Two we hit up Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery, Time Myers from Strange, Tomme Arthur from Lost Abbey, Kevin Crompton and Kyle Rossman from Epic Brewing, Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker, Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave and Omar Ansari from Surly Brewing.



We met so many great people and sampled so many great brews! Our only regret is not being able to talk to more of these folks. We could have done a 24 hour show! Can’t wait til next year!

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast Oskar Blues’ Homemades, Liquids & Solids Funk’n Wild Event

The Gubna and Turk broadcasted from Oskar Blues Homemades, Liquids and Solids for the Funk’n Wild Sour and Wild Ale Club meeting. Just FYI - we had to engineer this one ourselves and had a few issues but most of the show is here!

In Hour One we led off setting the scene and talking a little bit about the potential legal issues Strange Brewing Company is facing with a brew shop in Massassachusetts who wants them to change their name. Read the story here from Shikes at The Westword and go to this support page for Strange and hit like! We also threw out a ton of brew news and let you know what our sponsors are up to. At 12:30 Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery jumped in and told us all their happenings. We also were joined by Ben Christensen and Lou McKercher from Homemades, Liquids and Solids. We closed out the hour with Avery Brewing‘s brewer, barrel herder and presenter of the day Andy Parker. We talked sours and a bit about Avery’s barrel aged releases.




In Hour Two we opened up talking to Great American Beer Festival small brewery of the year Funkwerks. We were joined by Gordon Schuck, Andy Mitchell and Brad Lincoln. They gave us their story, talked about Belgian beers and about their expansion. We then were joined by founder of the Funk’n Wild that meets once a quarter at Homemades, Liquids and Solids. Chandra Ruiz was our special guest and boy does she know here sour and wild ales. There was also a lot more brew news you can use thrown out this hour! Big thanks to the entire Oskar Blues, HLMS, Funkwerks and Funk’n Wild crew for making us a part of this!



Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 3rd Annual Sourfest at Avery Brewing 6-2-2012

A live road show at Avery Brewing Company for their 3rd Annual Sour Fest.

In Hour 1 we talked with Avery Operations Director Steve Breezley about their new 27 million dollar facility and about all things Avery. We were also joined by Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery who had a big announcement about them moving forward with plans to produce more than 60,ooo barrels and stay in Colorado.  We also talked with Chris Rippe from The Rackhouse.


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In Hour 2 we led off talking to Avery Head Brewer Matt “Handtruck” Thrall and Head Barrel Herder Andy “Hollywood” Parker. We talked sours and about their move to the new 96,000 square foot facility. We also talked with Jonathan Shikes from The Westword, Tim Myers from Strange Brewing and Adam Heaton and Don Chapman from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.


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Want to give a special thanks to Joe and Travis at Avery for taking of us! What a great festival this is!