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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday January 25th 2014 Arvada Beer Company



We broadcasted once again from our home-away-from-home Arvada Beer Company! You got to get in and try their sessionable IPA. They also have their award winning Barleywine coming out this week! We had several guests on including Mark Slattery who you may know as Denver Beer Guy on Twitter! He covers it all from local to international beer news. Great to meet this guy who has visited so many breweries and tasted so many beers! We then chatted with Lars Ericsson and Marcus Warme from Sweden’s Nynasamns Angbryggeri. They were in town collaborating on a brew with Ska Brewing called Whipa Snapa! Can’t wait to get my tastebuds on some of this at the Collaboration Beer Fest during Colorado Beer Week.  The Ska boys went to Sweden and did one there with these guys last year! Steve Kurowski also joined us as he is the man with The Colorado Brewer’s Guild and has been showing them around the state! We then talked with Todd Thibault who was actually at home compiling some recipes for pairing Breck Beers with!  Next up was William Carlson II who is the creative director and founder behind Beerporium and the blog Brew-Trek. He has put together some really awesome Brewery Passport & Journals! Lastly we were joined by Adam Draeger from Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub as well as Colorado Plus Brewpub. He has some really interesting beers on tap at both spots he brews at! W eof course got all the info you need to know from Arvada Beer as well as Colorado Brew News You Can Use.



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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 12-29-2012 Arvada Beer Co

We closed out the year at our home away from home:  Arvada Beer Company.

Kelly and Cary Floyd subbed for the Gubna!

In Hour One we threw out some Brew News You Can Use, talked about the year in Colorado beer and caught up on what’s new at Arvada Beer. We all gave our votes for best beer and brewery of 2012! We also talked to Adam Draeger from Yak and Yeti Restaurant and Brewpub. He has some pretty sweet beers coming out including his porter series. We closed out the hour with our other beer despondent, Mr. Mike Nelson!



On Hour Two we had a very cool discussion with Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz. In mid-December the BA released a statement called Craft VS Crafty. The release talks about the line that has been blurred betwen what is craft beer and what is not. The BA wanted to remind folks that if a large brewer has a controlling share of a smaller producing brewery, the brewer is, by definition, not craft. They are calling for transparency in brand ownership and for information to be clearly presented in a way that allows beer drinkers to make an informed choice about who brewed the beer they are drinking. Read the statement HERE.  Julia Herz is also publisher of  She is a BJCP beer judge, award-winning homebrewer, a Certified Cicerone and leader of American Craft Beer Week. Her areas of expertise include: Resources and education on craft beer, general statistics on the craft brewer segment, beer styles and trends plus craft beer and food pairing. In her role at the Brewers Association she serves as an advocate for and educator about U.S. craft brewers, and is a spokesperson for the Association.Connie called in at the end of the show to tell us a little bit about a new Golden brewery that will be opening up called Cannonball Creek Brewing Company.