Mobile Canning Joins the CCBS Family

We are very proud to announce that Mobile Canning is joining the Colorado Craft Beer Show Family! They will be sponsoring our Brew News You Can Use Segment each week.

MobileCanning Colorado was founded in 2011 by two friends Pat Hartman and Ron Popma, both long-time home brewers, who had a common interest in becoming commercially involved in the industry. One of the founders had a dream of opening his own brewery and was finishing up an Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing course at the University of California at Davis when his dream took a different direction and MobileCanning Colorado and ultimately MobileCanningSystems evolved from there.

While craft beer canning has become an enormously popular trend, Pat and Ron found that many small to midsize microbreweries—and even some larger microbreweries—are unable to either afford the equipment or spare the space in their facility to package their beer for consumption beyond their tap room, other than through keg sales and growler fills. In fact, many operations have latent brewing capacity because they just don’t have a way to get more beer out their door if they produce it. So Pat and Ron started researching the idea of mobile canning in earnest, figuring out how they might bring their idea to fruition.

They have already canned batches for: Boulder Beer Company, Crabtree Brewing Company, Pateros Creek Brewing Company, Renegade Brewing Company, Bonfire Brewing Company, Crystal Springs Brewing Company, Dank IPA (Prost Brewing Company and Dad & Dude’s Breweria), Wicked Corp (Distillery), Tire Shop Wine and Spirits (Contract Brew through Crabtree), Big Choice Brewing Company and Revolution Brewing Company. They also will soon be canning for River North Brewery, Redstone Meadery and Gore Range Brewing Company!

With the Colorado operation thriving and additional staff brought on board, Pat and Ron turned their attention to the idea of sharing the opportunity and the benefit of their extensive learning experience with others of like interest throughout the United States. This idea had been in their minds for some time; in fact, when word of the launch of MobileCanning Colorado first reached the craft brewing industry, without great fanfare or even a public announcement, the guys began receiving inquiries on the possibility of their providing support for similar operations in other regions. However, Pat and Ron, recognizing the extent of the challenges they were facing in creating and refining the MobileCanning system for robust and reliable production deployment, had placed it on the back burner until they were confident that they had refined and streamlined things to the point where other entrepreneurs would not need to deal with the steep learning curve and need for innovation on the fly that they had experienced. In October 2012 the MobileCanningSystems Affiliate Program was offered in its first iteration to a small number of early adopters as a way to test and refine the offering and ensure that it would deliver high value to both affiliates and the end-customer—the craft brewers that were the genesis of the whole idea of Mobile Canning. By the end of 2012, the first three affiliates had joined the MobileCanningSystems program, providing great feedback and ideas on the structure and content of the program. Based upon this learning, the full program was launched in January 2013.

We are very honored to call these guys friends and sponsors of the show!