Colorado Craft Show Brewcast: Saturday July 19th Hops & Pie Firestone Walker 3 Years of Beer in CO Celebration


7-19 2

The Watson’s invited us out for another broadcast at (seriously one of the best tap rooms in the world) Hops & Pie! It was a celebration of 3 Years of Firestone Walker Beers in Colorado and as you can see from the list of beers above, it was quite the event. David Walker had pneumonia and could not make it but that’s alright! We had Elizabeth Isenbart in to help co host along with Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. she covers Colorado and Utah for Firestone. I’m sure you have had some of their beers but of not, we HIGHLY suggest it! We got their story and talked about all these beers! Luke Franklin also stopped in from Upslope Brewing. In hour two, owner, operator, head chef and beer buyer Drew Watson sat in the whole hour as we talked about his amazing place. Elizabeth also presented him with quite the gift. We always enjoy our time at Hops & Pie and can;t thank them enough for the support through the years!



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7-19 3

The Beers!

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Tebo and the newlywed Elizabeth Isenbart

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Turk, Elizabeth and Tebo

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Turk, Elizabeth, Tebo and Drew